What is bbPress and what does it do?


If you have a WordPress website or blog then you might have heard of bbPress, but do you know exactly what it is and what is does? If you don’t know what exactly bbPress is and does, or if you are not quite sure, then in this article we will try to explain what exactly bbPress is as well as what it does and some of its features.


If you have your own WordPress website or blog and would like to add a discussion forum (Internet Forum) to your WordPress site then bbPress is an easy way to do that. Unlike most other forum software programs, bbPress is a plugin that you can easily install into your WordPress site to add a discussion forum or message board as it’s sometimes called, to your WordPress website or blog.


Discussion forums can be very helpful to easily share information with other people around the world. Adding a discussion forum to your WordPress website or blog can also greatly increase the amount of visitors that your site receives. Discussion forums are also good to add to a site to use as a means to help to provide support to your products or services if you are a business or organization.


There are several ways that you can add a discussion forum to your WordPress website or blog, but bbPress is one of the easiest ways to do that. By simply downloading, installing and activating the bbPress plugin to your existing WordPress powered website or blog site, you can add a discussion forum. It’s extremely simple and easy. If you know how to add a plugin to your WordPress site, then you can add a discussion forum by way of using the bbPress plugin.

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If you have decided to add a discussion forum to your WordPress website or blog and are considering using bbPress to add that discussion forum, then here is a list of some of the key bbPress features.


Key bbPress Features:


Easy to install, just download, install and activate the bbPress plugin.


bbPress is completely integrated with your WordPress installation.


bbPress is fast and light with coding for a great user experience.


Custom templates so that you can design your discussion forum to look how you want it to.


A high quantity of bbPress add-on plugins to add features to your discussion forum.


Spam protection features to keep spam out of your discussion forum.


There are many other great features that bbPress has, but these are some of the main ones. There are lots of different theme templates and add-on plugins that you can use to design your forum to look like you want it to and to add more features to it as well.


bbPress is truly a quick and easy way to add a discussion forum to your WordPress website or blog, so if you are thinking about adding a forum to your site then bbPress is a choice that you might want to consider.


If you would like more information on bbPress and it’s uses and abilities then here are some other websites with more information on it.








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