Top 5 Best Ways to Make Money Online

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These days it seems like everyone out there wants to know how to make money online. This is an ever-growing trend among people everywhere but it is not always easy to know how to get started and more importantly, what are the best ways to start making money online, also called MMO for short.


Whether it is to add extra income to cover your financial needs, to make money to cover bills, to save up money for something in particular or just to find a way to make money online as a job, making money online is becoming more popular and important every day.


No matter why you want to make money online, you don’t want to waste your valuable time by trying to get started and going down a path to attempt to make money only to find out that your time is being wasted without have much or even anything to show for your efforts.


It is always best to try to get involved in ways to make money online that are easier to get started and ways that set you up with a better chance of achieving your goals for making the income that you are seeking.

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In order to help you get going in your online money making ventures we have compiled a list of the top 5 ways to make money online that pretty much anyone can get started doing.

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Some of these ways can even cost you absolutely nothing as far as out of pocket money expenses. You can make money online for free and it will only cost you an investment of your time.


Before we get to the list I would like to point out that making money online isn’t something magic that you can do and the money will just start rolling in. You will have to put some time in to get started and to keep the revenue stream coming in and growing.


As with many things, the more time and effort that you are willing to put into your efforts to make money then the better chance you are going to have to reach the level of success you are hoping for and the more potential money earnings you will be capable of making.


So now that a few key points have been made and you hopefully have a good understanding of what you are looking to achieve, below is our list for the top 5 ways to make money online!


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START A BLOG – One of the easiest ways to get started making money online is by starting a blog, you can even do this one without spending any money unless you choose to.


You can get a free account (or similar service) and start building your blog right away for free. There are some drawbacks and limitations to using these types of services, but it could be a way to start out and give it a try. The main drawback is that if you go the free route then you would be sing a subdomain. Subdomains here would look like “”.


A better way to go would be to buy your own domain name at somewhere like Namecheap, get some good quality web hosting and start building your blog this way. Although this would not be free, you can start a blog for around $20-$30 dollars or so, including a domain name of your own.


Something like “” which looks more professional than using a subdomain like listed above. Besides looking more professional there are many reasons why buying your own domain is better. It can also be used to create more professional looking email accounts like “[email protected]” plus many more reasons.


After you have created your blog and added some good quality content on it then you can start using it to make money with affiliate advertisements or by promoting affiliate products and/or services on your blog.


DO ONLINE FREELANCE WORK – This way to make money doesn’t require you to invest any money to get started doing. You can do freelance work for things like writing, data entry, proofreading and/or grammar and spell checking, online marketing, virtual assistant work, translating (if you are fluent in multiple languages) and more.


Websites like, Fiverr, Upwork and similar websites have a countless amount of different freelance tasks available that you can get paid to do.


SELLING ITEMS ONLINE – There are multiple ways that you can make money selling items online. You can sell your own used or unused items to other people who are looking for the types of things you have to sell.


You can also make handmade items and crafts, buy things to resell at a profit including buying in bulk and reselling individual or smaller quantities of these items. You can even find online suppliers for items that you can resell for profit.


Some good places for selling things online are at websites like eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Bonanza and many others. There are even apps that you can use to sell items online like OfferUp that allow you to sell items to ship or sell locally. Selling locally on OfferUp is actually free.


START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL – You can monetize (make money from) your videos posted on YouTube. All this really requires to get started is a way to record your YouTube videos and they just need to be uploaded. You can even do your own YouTube marketing to drive traffic to your videos.


Although for best results to provide better quality videos some video editing software is useful. There are both free and paid versions of different types of video editing software out there so it doesn’t have to cost anything.


There are requirements to get started earning from your YouTube videos however. You must have at least 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel before you can apply to start making money from your videos and there are some other requirements that you must meet in order to start making advertising revenue.


This method can make a lot of money over time but it does usually take some time to get started earning money this way.


WRITING AN EBOOK – If you have some knowledge and/or expertise in some field or with some topic that people will be interested or have a creative mind then this can be a way to make money online that doesn’t have to cost anything but your time.


In these modern times of digital publishing (also known as electronic publishing) you no longer need to find a book publisher to print your book, distribute and market it in order to get your book out there to the public. Getting your eBook out to the world is much simpler but there are still eBook publishing and marketing services to help increase its odds of making more money.


Creating an eBook can be a way to make money that can be done whenever you have some extra free time and you can even do it between doing other things you do in your life.




Although there are a countless number of ways that you can make money online, the ways that we listed above are easy enough that everyone can do them and with little or even no money needed to get started. We feel that the above listings are the best ways to make money online.


Whether you just want to make money online from home as a second income or even as your primary source of income, or you just want to make some extra money in your spare time. At least one of the ways we listed should be able to fit the needs of most people.


You can even do multiple things to get started and see which one or ones you either like better, are easier for you or are starting to make money quicker and at levels that you are most satisfied with. After you see what is working best you can just start dedicating all your time into that one specific money making method.


Good luck and may you reach the Apex in your Niche!


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