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Finding the best WordPress coupon plugin for your specific needs might not be an easy task so we thought that we would help you out with a list of the top WordPress coupon plugins and their key features so finding the right one for you can be a little easier.


Using coupon plugins to create coupons on your WordPress website, blog or e-commerce store does not have to be hard or take a long time thanks to the many different coupon plugins that are available to use to make this task quick and easy.

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There is a wide variety of coupon plugins that you can use on your WordPress site but there are some that are not real easy to use, have bad user reviews, do not operate correctly on a consistent basis or have other problems that can arise from using these plugins.


We are making things a little easier for you with our showcase and overview of the best WordPress coupon plugins so finding the right one that does the job well for you and your website or blog can be a little less time consuming and stressful.

(Disclaimer: We may earn a commission from purchases made from some links.)


Below are the best WordPress plugins for creating coupons that you can use for your coupon needs. They are not listed in any particular order because what may be the best one for one specific need may not be the best for another need.



Best WordPress Coupon Plugins

(In no particular order)


wp coupons and deals,wp coupons,wp deals

WP Coupons and Deals – This is another top coupons plugin for WordPress users to create coupons for their products, services, affiliate offers or other coupon creation needs. This plugin also has a free and a paid/premium version.


Some key features:

Live preview of coupons to see how they will look.

Quick loading and responsive coupons.

Widgets to display coupons in sidebar areas.

Many customization options.

Ability to set coupon expiry.


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wp coupons,coupon plugin

WP Coupons – This WordPress coupon plugin is targeting affiliate marketers and has loads of great features to help affiliate marketers make more money from their marketing efforts. This plugin was actually developed by affiliate marketers to help address their specific needs.


Some key features:

SEO-Friendly coupon URL’s to get more traffic to your coupon pages.

Add coupons quickly and easily.

Coupon archives to keep track of your coupons.

Auto-Save of coupon codes for coupon users.

Works with all themes and other plugins.


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affiliate coupons,wordpress plugin

Affiliate Coupons – A popular WordPress coupon plugin with many great features and capabilities to help you make more money from using coupons. Lots of features are included in this free plugin that are usually found in paid/premium coupon plugins.


Some key features:

Widgets to display coupons in sidebar areas of your site.

Shortcode support to easily insert coupons.

Responsive and mobile friendly design.

Compatible with all WordPress themes.

Powerful coupon options to create the best coupons.


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coupon creator,coupon plugin

Coupon Creator – This is one of the most popular coupon plugins out there and its ease of use is probably one reason for that. There is both a free and a paid/premium version of this plugin.


Some key features:

Create custom coupons or upload a coupon image to use.

Click to reveal feature.

Insert coupons with a shortcode.

Free plugin with a paid version with more features.

Ability to set coupon expiry.


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magic wp coupons,wordpress coupons

Magic WP Coupons – Here is a popular coupon creation plugin with lots of great features and is well suited for creating a complete coupon website.


Some key features:

Like / Dislike system for coupons.

Social sharing inside of the coupons.

Click counter system for tracking coupon usage.

Ability to upload your own coupon templates.

Affiliate link cloaking option.


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many coupon plugins,lots of wordpress coupon plugins

There are many different WordPress coupon plugins that you can use on your website or blog to help you get more sales and earn more money. The coupon plugins that we have showcased and given you an overview of above have proven themselves to be the best WordPress coupon plugins that fit the needs of most people and businesses.


Everyone likes saving money on the things that they need or want so providing coupons to the visitors of your site can give both money saving value to customers as well as to help you generate more sales and make more money.

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We know that there are many different coupon plugins that you can use for your specific needs and the decision as to which plugin will be best for you can be a tough choice to make. We hope that the information that we provided above can help make your decision easier.


Good luck and may your website or blog reach the Apex in its Niche!



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