What is a WordPress Plugin and what does it do?

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Many people that are new to WordPress or that have not used it might not know exactly what a WordPress plugin is and exactly what it does for your WordPress website or blog site.


In this article, we hope to give those of our readers who don’t know what a WordPress plugin is and what it does, a good understanding of what a plugin is and what it‘s used for.


The creators of WordPress wanted to make their website and blog building platform, WordPress, lightweight (not too much code) in its structure without a lot of code that isn’t needed for every WordPress installation.


The WordPress creators wanted it to have a great amount of flexibility so that it could fit the needs of many different people and their particular needs for their website or blog. This is where plugins come in.

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In basic terms, a WordPress plugin adds features and extends the already great capabilities of WordPress so that it can fit the needs of many different applications as well as personal and business preferences.


Having the countless WordPress plugins that are available for WordPress users is just one reason that WordPress is so great and flexible and capable of doing so many different things very well.


There are thousands of different free and premium paid plugins that are available to add features and extend the capabilities of WordPress. In fact, if you can think of a feature that you would like to have on your WordPress website or blog, and it’s something that is possible, then more than likely there is already a plugin or plugins available to add that feature!

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When you have your own WordPress website or blog, more than likely you will want to add some plugins to your WordPress installation to help complete your needs and requirements.


As time goes by and you have your WordPress site all set up more than likely there will come a time when you would like to ad a feature to your WordPress website or blog. That’s where the WordPress plugins come in. That way you don’t have to rebuild your site, but instead you can just ad a plugin to accomplish your required need or want.


Some of the more popular and used WordPress plugins are the security plugins, the SEO (search engine optimization) plugins, the cache plugins, the contact form plugins, as well as some others. The many different WordPress plugins that are available make just about any feature easily added to a website or blog by just adding a plugin.


A WordPress plugin makes it easy to take a basic WordPress website or blog installation and turn that site into something unique. These plugins along with the countless WordPress themes give a person, business, organization and so on, the ability to make a site special in the vast internet and the millions of websites throughout it!


Good luck and may your website or blog reach the Apex in its Niche!


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