A Domain Name To Remember!


One thing that people overlook when starting up a website or blog is the importance of a great domain name. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term “Domain Name” that is the name that someone would type into their browser’s website address bar.


As an example most everyone know the website google.com. The domain name it the part “google” without the www. and without the .com, .net, .org or whatever the is domain’s extension (a domain extension is the part of a websites URL / Internet Address that follows the DOT.


A great domain name can make a big difference in the amount of site traffic (site visitors) that a given internet address gets. The importance of your domain name should not be underestimated.


domain-names-extensions-url-web-address-website-traffic-visitors-blog-information-guide-tips-help-review-overviewNow that I have pointed out that a good domain name can help your website get more site visitors, there are many other reasons it is important to have a good domain name. One main reason is that if you have a good domain name that is catchy, it will be easier for a site visitor to remember and possibly tell others about without forgetting the name. If you have a memorable domain name it is more likely that if someone tells a friend, family member or so on about your website or blog the name could make an impression with the person being told and that’s a chance for another visitor to come to your website or blog.

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When someone is telling someone else about a website the can tell them thewow-great-domain-names-url-extension-tips-help-guide-reference-information-review-value site’s domain name is “MyDomainExample.com” instead being forgetful and either not able to give a perspective site visitor or possibly giving that person the wrong domain name and you miss out on that visitor. Every visitor counts because any given visitor could tell several people about your site and so on and so on thus helping your website to grow in popularity which is always a good thing.


domain-extensions-com-net-dot-org-info-guide-tips-help-free-information-reviewAnother thing that is important for basically the same reasons as the domain name itself is the domain extension. The domain extension is the part of the internet address that starts with the DOT, as in .com, .net, .info and etc. There are many more available domain extensions than most people know there is. Right now there are hundreds of different available domain extensions. The most common is the .com domain extension followed by the .net domain extension. If you want your website or blog to be at the top in its Niche then you would have a better chance of that happening if you get a domain name with one of these two extensions. There are a few cases where one of these two domain extensions wouldn’t necessarily be needed.


An example of a website not needing a .com or .net domain extension would be for a non-profit organization or a website that is an informational type of website. A non-profit organization could use the domain extension “.org” and an informational website could use the domain extension .info.


Now I am not saying a .org or .info domain would work as good as a .com or .net because statistics show that the .com and .net extensions get more site traffic / visitors. I am just saying that if you have a domain name that you just have to have and the .com and .net are not available then you could consider one of the other domain extensions if they are fitting for the type of site it is and what it’s purpose is.


domain-names-extensions-url-tld-gtld-cctld-ngtld-If you are having trouble coming up with a good domain name then you can use an online domain name generator. An online domain name generator can search for available domain names that have a certain word or phrase in them that you type into the name search bar. A good free domain name generation website is nameboy.com. This domain name generator is real easy to use and could help you find a domain name that will be ideal for your website or blog.


I hope this article gives you some informational insight as to how important a website or blog’s domain name is in relation to it’s success. Make sure you do a lot of research before making the final decision on what domain name you are going to purchase for your website or blog. Never underestimate how important a good domain name is. Get yourself a great and fitting domain name and that is one key towards helping your website or blog reach the Apex in it’s Niche.


Good luck and may your website or blog reach the Apex in its Niche!


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