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If you are the owner of a website or blog and want to earn money from it then one aspect of that is placing advertising on your website. Now there is no magic type of advertising method or program that works for every website or blog so finding out what works best for your site is the trial and error method. You will probably need to try out several different types of advertising options to see which type works best for your particular needs.


advertising on your blog,advertising on your websiteNow there are many different advertising options that you can try using on your site. There is affiliate based advertising (called affiliate marketing programs) in which you place affiliate advertisements on your site and you earn money when someone clicks on those advertisements and either buys a product or service that the advertiser is offering. This type of advertising program works well with new sites as well as with site’s that have a very low amount of website traffic.


Another type of advertising is Pay-Per-Click type advertising in which you place advertisements on your website or blog and you make money every time someone simply clicks on those advertisements. Now this sounds like it is automatically the best type of advertising because you get money just from visitors clicking on those advertisements but that isn’t always the case.


The amount of money you will get paid per click is rather low compared to the type of money you can get from affiliate advertising when someone buys a product or service from one of your site’s advertisers.

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In order to make a good amount of money from Pay-Per-Click advertising advertising tips,advertising advice,advertising pointersyou will also need a large amount of website visitors because usually only a very small percentage of your sites visitors will actually click on those advertisements. The Pay-Per-Click type of advertising programs traditionally only work well when you have a high amount of site visitors so many website or blog owners usually do not use this type of advertising when their site is new and is still growing. Once a site has a large amount of site visitors the site owner could then switch to this type of advertising program.


Now the two different advertising options talked about above are advertising programs that come from an outside source, meaning that you sign up with another website or company to be a part of those advertising programs. There is also the in-house type of advertising in which you the website or blog owner sells advertising space on your website or blog directly to the company that is paying for the advertising opportunity on your site.


This type of advertising can require more effort on the owner of the website or blog since most of the time you will need to contact a company and offer them advertising space or your site. Sometimes however you will be contacted by a company that wants to advertise on your website. Many times the companies will contact you because your site is related to the field their product or service is in so it can be beneficial for them because your site visitors are their target audience.


advertisements on your website,advertisements on your blogOne advantage to selling advertising spots on your website or blog directly to an advertiser is that there is no middle man and you can agree upon the terms as you both see fit. Another benefit of this type of advertising is that you can sell your available advertising spots for fixed terms (a set number of months perhaps) and have reliable advertising money coming in. If you choose this type of advertising to use on your website or blog then you will have to figure out the advertising pricing fees you are wanting to charge for your ad spots. To do this it will require some research on your part.


One of the best things you can do to help figure out what to charge for your ad spots is to find out what other websites or blogs charge that are in the same niche as your site is in. You also want to try to find one that has similar traffic to your site to help you figure out a fair amount of money to ask advertisers to pay for ads on your site.


One other thing that you can do with this form of advertising is to offer discounts for advertisers who pay for multiple months in advance thus insuring that you have that money for a set period of time.


Most potential advertisers are always trying to save on their advertising costs so if you can offer them discounts for agreeing to pay for say 6 months or a year in advance that will help entice them to agree for longer advertising terms. This can also help to show them that you are planning on being around for the long term.


advertisement decisions,advertisement informationDeciding what type of advertising to deal with on your website or blog can be a difficult decision to make. The best thing you can do to help with this decision is to do as much research as you can and the information you find can go a long way towards helping you make the right decision for you and your website or blog. Having advertising on your site can be a nice way to make some extra cash once you find out what works best for your site.


This is usually a trial and error method until you find out what works best for your site so don’t get discouraged. If one type of advertising isn’t doing well for your site then just try something else until you find the type that works best for your site.


May your website or blog reach the Apex in its Niche!


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