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One of the most important aspects of having your own website or blog site is the web hosting service provider that you use to host your site. A good web host can be a big part in the success of your website or blog, while having a poor web host can hurt the potential success that it could achieve.


The web hosting service provider that people use for their sites is an often overlooked aspect of the potential success a particular site can have. If you are using a web hosting provider that has lots of downtime or has slow web servers then your site can suffer in the search engines rankings since the downtime and load times for a website are ranking factors that determine where a particular site will rank in a search engine website’s index.

web-hosting-web hosting-hosts-websites-blog-help-information-tips-guide-advice-reference-reviews-overview-linux-windows-wordpress-shared-vps-dedicated-managed-ssd

Another way that having too much downtime or having your site on slow web servers is that if people go to your site and it’s down too much or doesn’t load fast enough, they might leave you site and never return.


People want to go to a website or blog that loads quickly and is up and running when they go to visit that site. If your web hosting service provider has poor service in these areas then that will hurt the potential success your site has and will have.

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One very important thing that many people often overlook is the quality of the support offered by a particular web hosting service provider. No matter who your web hosting provider is, from time to time you are going to need support for one thing or another. So, having a web hosting provider that has good customer support can be very important.

web-hosting-web hosting-hosts-websites-blog-help-information-tips-guide-advice-reference-reviews-overview-linux-windows-wordpress-shared-vps-dedicated-managed-ssd

There are many factors that you should consider when shopping for a web hosting service provider. Don’t look at just the price, but the quality of the support and service as well. Listed below we have some helpful resources to aid you in finding good web hosting for your website or blog.


We have listed some web hosting service providers that have good reputations, some web host reviews from quality sites and some other useful resources to aid you in finding the right web hosting for your website or blog.


We are always adding new resources and information often, so check back often to see what new resources we have. Also, if you know of a good web hosting resource for website or blog owners then please either leave us a reply at the bottom of this page or you may also send us a message from our “Contact” page and we will look into it and add it to our listings if we think it will be useful to others.




Helpful Forums with Good Information

Hosting Discussion – Another top web hosting forum site and good source for information


Digital Point – Another forum with lots of hosting information that also covers marketing and other webmaster topics



Web Hosting Review Sites and Notable Articles

WhoIsHostingThis – A web hosting review site with hundreds of hosting provider reviews


Review Signal – A web hosting review site with a hosting finder feature (featured on TechCrunch.com)


Hosting Police – Why Good Web Hosting Matters



Recommended Web Hosting Providers

Namecheap Web Hosting – An affordable quality web hosting service with excellent support

WP Engine – A top quality managed WordPress web hosting service

KnownHost – Web hosting providers with a wide variety of hosting types for all needs

Pressable – Another top quality managed WordPress hosting provider

WebHostingPad – A budget friendly web hosting provider



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