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Welcome to the Niche Apex informational resource web page. On this page you will find some valuable resources for your information needs for your website or blog.


The resources found on these websites and blogs can provide you with some valuable information that you can use to help you with your website or blog. Information is power so use the information on these websites or blogs to help build yourself an informative site that people will want to visit again and again.


information-info-guides-tips-help-free-resources-pointers-reference-sourceMost people that use the internet use it for information about one topic or another. This means that if your website provides its visitors with good, high quality information that visitor might come back when they are looking for some good information in the future. When writing your articles, stories, posts, etc. always try to provide the best information you can get on whatever the topic is that way the visitors to your website or blog might remember where they found that good information and come back when they need more.


They might even bookmark your site or tell family, friends or other people about your site. This will lead to more visitors to your website or blog and the more visitors to your site then you have more chances to earn revenue from those website visitors.

(Disclaimer: We may earn a commission from purchases made from some links.)


Below we have listed some websites or blogs that have some valuable information to help you with your site. Many have how-to information and tips and others have article ideas, stories as well as other information that you can learn from and get some useful ideas to help you with your website or blog. An informative website or blog will grow in popularity and website traffic and increase its potential to make good revenue.


All of these sites have been either personally used by Niche Apex or they have been researched and foundsmiley-thumbs-up-guide-tips-help-information-resources to be a valuable informational resource in one form or another. This informational resource list is constantly updated to reflect new, improved, additional or better information resources so check back often as this list will be changing regularly.


If you know of any good information related websites with good information, leads, etc. that others might find useful then please either leave a reply below telling us about the information and the site’s web address and we will check it out and see if it should be added to our informational resources web page. If you prefer you may also leave us a message and provide us with the information that way by sending us a message from our “Contact” page.


Good Luck and may your website or blog reach the Apex in its Niche!




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Wikipedia – A great encyclopedia website with most of their information provided by their site visitors. – An encyclopedia with pictures, facts and videos.

Britannica – One of the largest and well known encyclopedia websites.

InfoPlease – A comprehensive encyclopedia covering a wealth of topics.

TheFreeDictionary – A collection of dictionaries covering many subjects including a medical dictionary.

Merriam-Webster – An online dictionary and thesaurus with definitions, synonyms and antonyms.

Urban Dictionary – A unique dictionary website with most popular urban terms/words defined.



InfoLit – The national forum on information literacy.

WebmasterWorld Forums – Useful forums for webmasters to help find information



ProBlogger – A site with a lot of misc. useful information covering several areas.

InformationIsBeautiful – An information blog covering many different topics.



Google – The worlds largest and most used search engine.

Bing – The large search engine site created by Microsoft.

DuckDuckGo – A search engine the emphasizes the privacy of searchers.

DogPile – A search engine that searches other search engines and displays the results all together. – A question answering type of search engine.

WebCrawler – A search engine that searches Google and Yahoo and combines the results.

ixQuick – A high privacy search engine that says it’s the world’s most private search engine.


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