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If you have or you are thinking about starting your own your own website or blog then one thing that most of you will have to think about is if you want or need to have advertising on your site.


Some people will choose not to have advertisements on their site, and that is their choice in owning their own site. However, advertising income is something that will be thought of at some point for most website or blog owners.


Having advertisements on your site can help to pay for the costs of the site, such as domain name registration and renewal fees, the web hosting service that you will need to use that you will have your site on, any advertising that you might do to promote and/or market your site as well as many other costs that come with owning your own site.


There are many expenses that a lot of website or blog owners don’t think about when they either start their own site or already have started their own site. These expenses will have to either be paid for by you, the site owner yourself, or by some other means of monetization. The easiest way to make some money from your website or blog is to have advertisements on your site in which you earn money from.

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There are many different types of advertisement types that you can use to help generate some kind of revenue from. There are affiliate advertisements in which you get paid from someone visiting the advertiser’s own website and making some kind of purchase, signing up for a service or some other type of action that the visitor must do for which you will be paid for.


There are advertisements that you can place on your site in which every time a visitor to your site clicks on them and visits the advertiser’s website, you will earn an amount of money just from that click action. There are several other types of advertising options for a site owner, but the two types listed above are the most common types of advertisement options.


Determining which type is best for your website or blog will be up to you as the site owner. Something to consider is the amount of advertisements that you place on your site. Many people will leave and not come back to a site that has too many ads on it, so if you do have advertisements on your website or blog just make sure not to overdo it. When placing the ads on your site ask yourself the question that if this was someone else’s site, is it one that you think has too many ads?


Also, placing too many ads can actually have a negative impact on the earnings that you receive from your advertisements. There is a phenomenon called “Ad Blindness” or also called “Banner Blindness” in which a visitor to a site will either consciously or subconsciously ignore the ads.


One key reason that this can happen is because of placing too many ads so your site visitors will only pay attention and see things that they don’t determine to be an ad. So, if you are placing advertisements on your site, don’t get carried away and place to many ads.


Now last but not least, if you decide to place advertisements on your site, make sure to try to place advertisements for products or services that are related to what your site is all about and that the visitors to your site may be interested in. If you have a site that is about weddings, then you won’t want to be placing up ads for sporting goods as an example.


Try to keep advertisements on your website or blog that are something that goes along with the niche that your site is in. That way you will have a better chance of making more money from those advertisements.

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Making the decision to place advertisements on your website or blog is one that does take a bit of consideration of all that you are trying to achieve and what is best for both you and the visitors to your site. So make sure to spend a bit of time thinking and researching before you decide if you want to place ads on your site and what advertisements you would be placing on your site.


You’ll also probably want to do some testing over time with different ad types and products and/or services to see what works best for your particular site and its visitors. A little bit of testing will also help you find out which advertisements produce the best results on your particular site.


Good Luck and may you reach the Apex in your Niche!


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