Proper and Improper Spelling of Domain Names

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When you are considering starting your own website or blog one of the first things that you need to think about is what domain name you will be using for it. If you don’t know what a domain name is, a domain name is the web address that you type into your web browser window to take you to a particular site. Something like,, and so on are examples of domain names.


The domain name that you choose to use for your website or blog is more important than many people think it is. How a domain name is spelled that any site uses will play a factor in the success that site is able to achieve. This article will point out a couple of the main reasons why the domain name and the spelling of the name that you use for your website or blog should be considered to be very important, and why you should put some serious thought into the spelling of any domain you choose to use for your site.

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First off, the domain name that you choose to use for your website or blog is the name that you will be known by as far as your website visitors and potential website visitors are concerned. So, put some serious thought as to what you want your site to be known as and how you choose to spell the domain you will be using.


You don’t want something that looks or sounds strange but rather something that has a good ring to it that people will easily remember and will also be able to be spelled correctly. When someone tells someone else about your site, you don’t want the person to forget the name or not remember how it’s spelled. That defeats the whole point of having a good domain name.

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The spelling of the name is a very important factor to consider when choosing your domain name so try to think of things from many different perspectives as possible. Some people like to use alternative spellings for words or letters sometimes because the correct spelling is already taken and not able to be registered or bought. Doing this can and will cause you to lose some visitors and potential visitors of your site to the correct spelling of the domain name that your site is using.


As an example, if you are selling boots and want your domain to be, you will find that the domain name is long gone. Because of this some people will choose something like or, depending on what’s available at that time. This will cause you to lose a certain amount of visitors to your site form people typing in since that’s the usual way it would be spelled.


Also, many people that will tell others about your site won’t actually spell it out but just say it to the person that they are telling about your site. Then that person who was told about your site will go and just type the name in how it sounds or how it is normally spelled thus causing you to lose that potential site visitor and potential customer or client. That potential site visitor/customer will just end up going to someone else’s site and maybe even to your competition.


Another thing to consider when thinking about using an alternate spelling of a domain name is that some people will see an alternate spelling of a word or name as cheap and/or just a hack and not a good site. Sad to say but there are many people that will judge a website or blog by its name, and that’s why the spelling of the domain you choose to use for your site should be thought about from many different viewpoints before you go and register or buy a domain name. (Learn more about Buying Domain Names)

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Now, I’m not saying that just because you choose to use an alternate spelling for a word or name in your domain name that it will mean failure for your site. I’m just saying that it can and probably will cause you to lose potential visitors and/or customers and if you are selling a product, service or something else on your site it can cost you sales or other revenue.


Sometimes though, these alternate spellings are the only thing available since all of the normal spellings of a name or word are already registered and owned by someone else. If there are no other options but to use an abnormal spelling for your domain name just make sure to use one that is going to make the most sense and will be fairly easy to spell for your site’s potential visitors.

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Make sure that before you go out and register or buy any domain name that you will be using for your website or blog you take some time and put some serious thought into the name beforehand. Never underestimate how important the domain name that you choose for your website or blog is and how the domain name can impact the success of your site. You want to try to get a great domain name that will help contribute to the success of any website or blog that is built on it.



Good luck and may you find the perfect domain name for your website or blog!



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