Choosing the Right Domain Name


When people decide that they want to create their very own website or blog, they have many different things that they need to think about. One of those things is the domain name (URL/Web Address), and that’s something that is probably more important to the success of your new website or blog than you might think.


There are more than 350+ million domain names that are currently registered and that number is climbing every year as people and businesses are looking to get their presence out on the internet. Now, with all these domain names that are already registered you might think that there won’t be any good ones left. That’s actually not correct, there are millions of great domain names out there waiting to be claimed and registered. There are also many new and popular domain extensions (the part after the “DOT”) that are being introduced regularly adding to the available domain name possibilities.


Besides going out there and looking for a domain name that isn’t registered, you also have many different domain name marketplaces and auction websites where you can find good domains. On these types websites there are domain names that the current owners are looking to sell to other people who are in need of a domain name for their website or blog. There are places like Sedo, Flippa and even Namecheap where you can find already registered domain names that are available for purchase.


Now, getting back to choosing the right domain name and why the right domain is important. Your domain name is your mark in the internet world, so the name you choose is what you or your company will be associated with to the online world.

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Since there are so many websites and blog sites on the internet in which many all seem the same, you will want to be remembered. A great domain name can help to be part of how and why your site is remembered.


You want to get a domain name that is not too long, easy to spell and most importantly, easy to be remembered by your site visitors.


Having the domain name of website or blog stand out and make an impression on a visitors mind is an important key to its success. Here are a couple important points about the importance of having a great domain name.


Which of these would you prefer your website or blog visitors say when someone asks them something about your site?


As an example, say you have a website selling cell phone accessories and someone asks a customer or yours “Hey, cool phone case, where did you get it?”.


Which of these do you think would be a better answer to that question?


“I got it at this really great website called”




“I faved a Tweet by someone that I had come across online and there was a website link in one of their previous Tweets and I followed that link and found this great online store whose domain name I can’t remember.”


So, looking at those 2 answers you can see that a great domain name is much better and more marketable than a domain name that people can’t remember.


You want to have a great domain name for many other reasons besides these but hopefully you understand the importance of a great domain name is.


A domain name is just one thing that people who want to build their own website or blog must think about but don’t overlook its importance and you’ll achieve better success with your site.


Good Luck and may you reach the Apex in your Niche!


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