Great reasons to Buy your own Domain Name


In this article we are going to point out and briefly explain some of the main reasons that you should buy your own domain name to use for your website or blog. Some of our website visitors are users of and some to host your website or blog, this is an article that you should read and take in the reasons and information here about domain names as it pertains to your particular situation.


Many people either don’t know or are not exactly sure what a domain name is. Probably the best and easiest way to tell you exactly what a domain name is, would be by an example. Take our site that you are on, our domain name is


Technically the domain name would be the “nicheapex” part and the “.com” would be what is called a domain extension. Another good example that I am sure everyone has heard of is “” and that is the domain name for the main Google search engine web page.


To have your own website, you don’t need a domain name of your own. As an example, if you get your own website or blog site on If you go that route you would have what is technically called a subdomain. A sub domain (what your website or blog would be) for a website or blog would be whatever name, word, etc. that you choose and “”.

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As an example, if you had “john doe” as your user name that you choose, then your subdomain (what you type into your web browser to get to your site) would be “”. That would be how people got to your site.


Now, having a subdomain is fine in many cases but it is always nicer to be the one who choose the entire domain’s name without having to add the extra part after the name. Having your own domain name instead of a subdomain also make your website or blog look more serious, professional, business like and more personal. Just think about it, which sounds better to you?


Would the website address like “” sound better than “”? Most people would prefer the latter of the two, without the “wordpress” part in it. It’s nothing bad about having it, but most people like to have something that is more unique and that they chose themselves.


One of the best reasons to buy and use your own unique domain name is the branding of your website or blog. A brand is what makes you and your website or blog site recognizable to people. Building up a brand name will instill trust and loyalty from people and that helps your site gain popularity and exposure.


Just like when Google started out with their name. Nobody knew what they were or did. Now though, if you say the word/name Google then everyone will know what you are talking about.


So when you get your own unique domain name, you are branding yourself by the name that you choose in most cases. A good domain name that people will remember is also a plus, so that when they tell people about your website or blog it will be easier for them to remember and the person being told about your site can more easily remember the domain name/site name.


If you are using and want your own unique domain name without the “” part, they have an upgrade option to buy one through them starting at $18.00 per year (more info on that HERE). You can also buy your own domain name through someone else like Namecheap (you can get one HERE) and set it up to point to your website or blog (more info on how to do that HERE).


Having your own domain name for a website or blog site is important in many ways, not just the ones listed above. If you would like to read more on why buying your own domain name and having a good one are important, then HERE is a nice article with more helpful information on domain names.


Whether you have a personal blog site and want to have something unique and special or if you have a business and you want to look more professional, buying and having your website or blog on your own unique domain name can really help in many ways.


I am in no way saying that using the free subdomains that and other similar sites offer is bad, just that having and owning your own special domain name can set you, your business or organization apart from the crowd and show that you are unique and special and maybe more serious about your website.


(More information about buying domains can be found HERE)


Good Luck and may your website or blog reach the Apex in its Niche!


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