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Important Tips on Bing Ads


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Bing is a search engine website that is slowly rising to prominence given its overall market share. Currently, it controls about 31% of the world’s search engine market which translates into around 875,000,000 searches per day.


It records in excess of 25+ billion searches on a monthly basis making it a dominant player in the paid search clicks in many industries.


This very high volume of searches and users makes Bing a very big player in the online advertising business that will allow many people and businesses to reach millions of people in an efficient way using their PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising program called “Bing Ads”. This type of advertising is also called Search Engine Marketing or SEM for short.


How do you use the power of Bing advertising and all the Bing search users to improve your business?

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Here are 5 useful tips that can be of help to any person or business entity that wishes to capitalize on the success of Bing to improve their profitability.


  1. Targeting user devices

Bing advertising provides a platform where people or businesses can customize their ads to be compatible with different operating systems and user devices. This gives users an opportunity to customize their advertising for devices that offer more conversions for their particular needs. By focusing on mobile PPC advertising some users are able to rank higher in advertisement listings and drive more Click Through Rates (CTRs). The Bing ads campaign uses customized mobile options which only display specific ads that are setup by the user and the other advertisements are placed on standard desktop and laptop devices.


  1. Utilizing Bing Ads’ broad match keywords

Bing Ads Intelligence is able to analyze the campaign performance of broad match keywords while aggregating and targeting such keywords. Statistics show that these keywords are able to give your business about 70 percent more clicks and over 50 percent more conversions. Despite having a lower CPC, broad match keywords offer a higher rate of return for money spent in the long run.


  1. Targeting of location

Bing has a location option that is able to match specific products or services to location-specific users upon their searches. This is an important aspect of Local SEO that enables a business to target a specific location to improve the success of their advertising campaign. This feature provides you with polygonal maps as well as ZIP code specific locations that you may wish to include in your local search results ad placements. This feature has the ability to drive up the revenue volumes of your business.


  1. Analytics

The Bing campaign planner is an analytical tool that offers you statistical information on competitors, categories, and other key areas to help you improve your advertising campaigns. This gives insight on how to place your bids based on specific keywords. Bing guides you on keyword choosing and usage and the type of bids to be placed. This is a feature that has the ability to increase your CTR of your ads.


  1. Optimizing text feed

For Bing to show your products in searches it is important to fill out important information like the name of your website, store, business and any other pertinent information. You should highlight all details that come out of a search and have a product or service target that represents all your products or services. This will help Bing to optimize anything that appears in searches that are made.



Bing ads has many great features and capabilities and if you are able to take full advantage of all of the tools that Bing is able to offer you, you will be able to drive a higher CTR which will assist you to drive your advertising campaign success to greater heights.


Good Luck and may your website or blog reach the Apex in its Niche!



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