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If you own a website or blog then chances are you want it to make money for you. Weather you are wanting to make enough money just to cover the expenses of your website or blog like the web hosting costs (if you aren’t using a free hosting service), the domain name registration and renewal costs (again, if you aren’t using a free subdomain with a free hosing service), any needed software cost, etc. or if you are looking to make money above your website costs you will want to have some from of advertising on your site.


The biggest and most popular advertising program that most website owners want to be a part of is the Google AdSense advertising program.


Google’s AdSensemake-money-with-google-adsense-advertising-program-website-blog-information-tips-guide-help-free advertising program is the most popular advertising program on the internet and that is for a very good reason, you can make an unlimited amount of money through this program. Does that mean that if you are in the Google AdSense advertising program you are going to get rich? Probably not, but there are tens of thousands of people making very good money from the Google AdSense advertising program.


Now because this advertising program can be very lucrative Google can afford to be very picky about who they let into their AdSense advertising program. Google wants the ads from their AdSense advertising program to be shown on quality websites and blogs and not on “Spammy” websites. These “Spammy” websites give little to no value to the website visitor and are only out to make money from their advertising with no thought about the quality of the website’s content.

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Google wants their AdSense ads on quality websites because this is what their advertisers are looking for. They want their ads on websites with relevant content in relation to the ads shown thus increasing the chance the advertiser makes a sale of their product or service.


The Google AdSense advertising program is a Pay-Per-Click type of google-adsense-advertising-program-information-guide-tips-help-free-pointers-reference-website-blogadvertising programs. That means that every time a site visitor clicks on an advertisement the advertiser is charged by Google for that click and Google in return pays the website owner a portion of the fee they receive for that click. This type of program lets the site owner make money just because their site visitors click on an ad and see what the advertiser wants them to see. This type of program doesn’t make a lot of money for the website owner off of every visitor but they will make something every time someone clicks on an ad on their site. This however can be very lucrative for a website owner if they receive a lot of site traffic.


The process of getting approved by Google for their AdSense program is easy to apply but most people need to apply multiple times just to get approved. The reason for this is as stated above that Google only wants quality websites and blogs to show their AdSense ads on them. One thing that Google wants to see on a website that is trying to get AdSense approval is a good quantity of original content.


They don’t want sites that just copy and paste information on their sites just to have content. They want original content that was written just for that site and that ads value to any information shown in that content. Google wants to make sure that the content of the websites that get AdSense approval gives some value to the website’s visitors.


Many site developers will simply copy information they find on another website, modify it slightly then post that same content on their site. This is not the kind of site that Google wants their AdSense ads on since it give nothing of added value to the site’s visitors.


google-adsense-approved-approval-help-tips-guide-information-help-website-blogThere are several other key things that Google looks for when considering a website’s approval for an AdSense account. They want to make sure there is no unauthorized use of copyrighted material, they want their to be a good quantity of posts and/or pages on the site, the site has a user friendly design, the site preferably has its own domain name and not a subdomain (unless there is high site traffic), it isn’t a site that they consider a “Spammy” site, like one with a bunch of affiliate ads and things of that sort and there are many other factors they look at. Basically if you have a quality site that meets all of their requirements no-spam-allowed-tips-help-information-guide-free-referencethen it is not that hard to get approved. In fact when I applied to the Google AdSense program (for another website) I got approval the first time I applied. This however is rare. When I applied I made sure my site was several months old, had a lot of original quality content and writing and it was laid out well containing every aspect of a site that Google is looking for.


The Google AdSense advertising program is a great advertising program for a website owner to be a part of. If you are wanting to get AdSense approval the most important advise I can give you is to build a quality website with quality, original content, make sure you have a good quantity or posts/pages on the site and do as much research as you can before applying for the Google AdSense advertising program. There is a lot of information out there, all you have to do is look for it.


Good Luck and may your website or blog reach the Apex of its Niche!


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