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As many people know, especially internet marketers, there are many different ways that you can make money with Amazon. Yes, selling products and services through an Amazon store is the most popular and the most common way to make money, however there are some other great ways that you can make money without needing to sell anything directly yourself.


One of the easiest and most profitable ways that people can make money through Amazon is by becoming an Amazon Associate, which is the affiliate program that Amazon offers. This program offers you a great way to make good money without having to have your own products to sell through their e-commerce platform.


You might ask yourself, what is an Amazon Associate? The answer is that it is an affiliate marketing program that people earn referral commissions by placing advertisements on their website or blog and then when someone clicks on those affiliate advertisements and goes to and buys something there the affiliate makes a percentage of the sale.


Amazon launched its online affiliate marketing program back in 1996 called the Amazon Associates affiliate program. The Amazon Associates program has more than 20 years in developing solutions that enable website developers, owners, bloggers and product and service sellers that make them money by advertising or marketing products and services (new and old) on Amazon.

(Disclaimer: We may earn a commission from purchases made from some links.)


How does this affiliate marketing program work? A blogger or website owner that is an Amazon Associate simply creates a link to the home page or that of a specific product, service or category and when visitors goes through the link to make a purchase, the owner of that website or blog will earn referral commission fees on qualifying purchases that are make.


This affiliate program is easy to join and get started with earning money with. It does not cost anything to join this program which makes it one of the top ways for people to make either extra money or even to make a living by.


Top Reasons to Join Amazon Associates


Amazon is a trusted and globally known company.

No registration fee to join the program.

No need to stock your own products to sell.

The program is easy to learn and get started earning money.

You can use most any kind of website or blog.

No need to deal with customers as this is done by the product sellers themselves as well as Amazon.

No need to deal with shipping merchandise.

Make money on any qualifying purchases made through your affiliate links and not just those that the links may have been for.

The world’s largest selection of products and services to promote.

Countless other benefits since Amazon is the world’s top buying and selling e-commerce platform.


One key feature that many different people say is the best feature of this program is that you are able to customize the affiliate advertisements that you place on your website or blog so that they will match the colors and styling of your particular site. This can help to make the advertisements look more natural and appropriate to the site and help to produce better results.


Since Amazon is well known by most everyone online, their affiliate program is a great way that people can easily earn money online without many things to take care of themselves. Most people will more easily buy from a known and trusted online seller versus an unknown one so Amazon brand recognition is an important factor that can be a big plus in earning more money with them.


Many Amazon affiliates make several thousand dollars per month and there are even some that make even more than that. So if you are just looking for a simple way to make some extra money to pay for monthly expenses or if you are wanting a great way to make a living from by working online, the Amazon Associates affiliate program is one program that you should look into and consider.


Good Luck and may you reach the Apex in your Niche!


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