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Like many people out there on the internet, I started a blog as just a way to express some thoughts, ideas, viewpoints and I wanted to share some helpful information with people around the world. As time has gone by and the number of people who come and visit my site had increased, I had pondered the idea of putting up some advertising on my site.


I thought that if I did decide to put up some advertising on it I wasn’t intending to do it to get rich, to make a living from or anything other than to just maybe help cover the costs of my web hosting service for the blog and possibly the renewal fees for my domain name.


I had many different things cross my mind about putting ads on my site so I thought I would share those thoughts and ideas so that if someone else had those same thoughts and ideas then the information here might help them to make the right decision on whether or not to place advertising on their blog.


My first thought about placing advertising on my blog was that I didn’t want this site to come off as just another site someone put up looking to just make money from it. I thought that if I decided to do it I didn’t want to plaster ads everywhere but just place a few ads here and there and not make them all that my blog visitor sees when they visit it.

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I also thought that if I decided to place ads on my blog I would want to place ads that I thought that people could get some value from. Basically meaning I would only advertise products or services that my blog visitors might have a need for or be something that they might want.


I have seen way too many blogs around the internet that have advertisements on them that are completely irrelevant to what the content on that particular blog is. These are the type of things that are unrelated to the material on the blog thus ensuring that most people would not really need or want what was being advertised. I did not want to have my blog become one of those types of sites.


Another thought that I had was to decide what kind of realistic revenue goals I was going to have for my advertising if I decided to put ads on my blog. I had decided that I was only going to shoot for the goal of covering my costs of having my website up and running and being a blog that people would like. That being basically the cost of my web hosting service for the site, the costs associated with my domain name renewal fees and other miscellaneous costs to keep the blog going. If I made anything more than that then I would use that money to provide a better experience for my website visitors.


I had also thought about using some of the revenue that my advertisements generated for things like maybe purchasing a new premium theme to improve the look of my blog and to maybe provide some kind of free service for my site visitors. I figured if I just made enough money to cover the costs associated with running my site I would be happy enough though. Anything extra would just be something that I could use to make some kind of improvements or upgrades to make my blog better for my visitors.

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Another major thing I thought about is that I didn’t want to put up ads and have my blog visitors get bombarded by them and / or see ads everywhere so as to confuse them as to what was an advertisement and what was my actual blog content.


I have visited many blogs around the internet where there were just so many ads that you couldn’t clearly tell what was an ad and what was the actual content of the site itself. Many people who build themselves a blog that are for making money as their first priority and providing their blog visitors with good quality content as a distant second. I wanted to provide good quality content as my first objective and making advertisement money a distant second.

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The above thoughts that I had were some of the key things that I wanted to consider before I made a decision on whether or not I would have advertisements on my blog. I hope that some of what I have shared here helps some of you with your decision about whether or not you should put advertising on your blog.


My personal thoughts on this matter are that if you can place ads tastefully on your blog without harming the experience of your site visitors and perhaps provide something that they may want or need then why not do it?

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If you do decide to have advertisements on your blog, take some time and decide what ads your site visitors might get some value out of. Try to find advertisers that provides a product or service that you think your site visitors might want or have a need for.


A word of advice, if your blog is in a particular niche try to show advertisements that go along with what the niche your blog is in. This will be good for the visitors to your site as well as give you a better chance to make money from your ads.

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So go ahead and place ads on your blog if you think that is a good choice for you and your blog visitors but just do it tastefully and with advertisements that your site visitors might like, want or have a need for.


Always try to provide value to the visitors of your blog, including the advertisements that you decide to use on it. Providing a good user experience to people that come to your site is good for the visitors as well as for you and the success of your blog.


Good luck and may your blog reach the Apex in its Niche!


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