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WordCamp Conference Schedule 2017



If you are a WordPress user, enthusiast, website or blog owner or just someone who wants to learn more about the many different things about WordPress, attending a WordCamp conference event is a great place for all things related to WordPress. WordCamp conferences happen throughout every year and at many different locations worldwide, so chances are there will be a WordCamp conference near you sometime during the year.


These are casual events so you can feel relaxed and be able to learn and share things about WordPress. WordCamp conferences have people attending that are casual WordPress users, WordPress developers and just about every other skill level in between. There are people at these conferences that are casual bloggers as well as theme and plugin developers as well. There is a wide variety of WordPress skill levels represented at these conferences, so there’s sure to be someone with similar skills and interests as you.


At these WordCamp conferences you can learn a lot of helpful and useful information on how to use WordPress better, you can learn different techniques of website and blog development to help you learn more, there are also speakers that share information, techniques, resources and more with everyone. These are great events to learn more about the many different aspects of WordPress and how you can better use it to achieve your goals.


If you find a WordCamp conference event near you, then try to see about attending one to see what you can learn and share with other WordPress users.


The current schedule is listed below as well as a list with some more information on WordCamp conferences.


WordCamp Conference Schedule 2017:


WordCamp Jacksonville JACKSONVILLE, FL, USA May 20-21


WordCamp Lisboa LISBON, PORTUGAL May 20-21


WordCamp Kathmandu KATHMANDU, BAGMATI, NEPAL May 20-20


WordCamp Managua, Nicaragua MANAGUA, NICARAGUA May 26-27


WordCamp Portland, Maine USA PORTLAND, MAINE USA May 26-27


WordCamp Copenhagen, Denmark COPENHAGEN, DENMARK May 27-28


WordCamp Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA May 27


WordCamp Mexico City 2017WordCamp Mexico City MEXICO CITY May 27


WordCamp Calgary CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA May 27


WordCamp Lublin LUBLIN, POLAND June 2-4


WordCamp Asheville, NC ASHEVILLE, NC June 2-4


WordCamp Orange County ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA June 10-11


WordCamp Europe PARIS, FRANCE June 15-17


WordCamp Kent, OH KENT, OH June 24-25


WordCamp Kyoto KYOTO, JAPAN June 24-25


WordCamp Nagpur NAGPUR, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA June 24-25




WordCamp Fayetteville, Arkansas FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS July 22


WordCamp Boston BOSTON, MA USA July 22-23




WordCamp Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota, USA MINNEAPOLOS-ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, USA August 4-6


WordCamp Montreal MONTREAL, QC August 12-13


WordCamp for Publishers: Denver DENVER, CO August 17-19


WordCamp Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom BRIGHTON, EAST SUSSEX, UNITED KINGDOM August 18


WordCamp Denver, CO DENVER, CO August 26-27


WordCamp Sacramento SACRAMENTO, CA September 16-17


WordCamp Tokyo SHINJUKU, TOKYO, JAPAN September 16-17


WordCamp Colombo COLOMBO, SRI LANKA September 23-23


WordCamp Los Angeles, CA LOS ANGELES, CA September 29-October 1


WordCamp Toronto TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA September 30-October 1


WordCamp Ahmedabad AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA October 6-8


WordCamp Bucharest BUCHAREST, ROMANIA October 7-8


WordCamp Ann Arbor ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, USA October 13-14


WordCamp Austin, TX, USA AUSTIN, TX, USA October 21-22


WordCamp Philadelphia, PA, USA PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA October 28-29


WordCamp Seattle SEATTLE, WA November 4-5


WordCamp US NASHVILLE, TN, USA December 1-3


If you would like more information on attending a WordPress WordCamp conference then you may also check these web pages for more information.


WordCamp Central – central.wordcamp.org

Upcoming WordCamp Schedule – central.wordcamp.org/schedule


Good luck and may your website or blog reach the Apex in it’s Niche!


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